April 11, 2013

Adopting back my daughter

I wanted to share my experience of adopting back my adult daughter. We wanted to annul her original adoption, but it seems that is not allowed for some reason...something else that needs to be looked at in reform. At any rate, we did the next best thing we could and adopted her back and though my daughter and husband were thrilled to have him involved and listed as her father (he is not her natural father), I also found it oppressive that you HAVE to include your husband, that he HAS to be listed on (yet another) amended birth certificate as being her natural father. So many delicate little intricacies in this mess we call adoption that must be looked at and changed.
Once all was said and done, we were just glad to have survived it...all so happy to be a family again...to have my daughter "home".

One day I'll write about the nightmare experience of trying to obtain my daughter's 1st amended BC (immediately after we adopted her back), but for now, this is the story that was ever so kindly posted at adoptingback.com.


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