July 6, 2013

Sandy Musser's ALARM - Advocating Legislation for the Adoption Reform Movement WHITE HOUSE CAMPAIGN!

Re:  White House Campaign

We are planning a letter campaign enmasse directly to the White House  from July 28th (when the 14th Amendment was ratified) and August 4th – Obama’s birthday. Each mailing should include a hard copy of the Adoptee Restoration Act which is attached.  Your BRIEF personal note should be handwritten on the back of the flyer. See below for more info.  Let  your friends and family know, so they can join in.  E-mail me at muss102@aol.com if you need a copy of the ARA or if you have one, feel free to copy it for others.

THE ADOPTEES’ RESTORATION ACT IS ALARM'S PRIMARY INITIATIVE AND FOCUS.  Legislation is currently being pursued in individual states by other groups and organizations; ALARM will continue to support those efforts. But ALARM has chosen to pursue a national effort.  This is a  lofty goal and many think it's crazy, but we won’t know until we try!  At first, I thought we might pursue the Congressional legislators, but we all know how slow they are to act on anything or to get anything done; therefore we felt this would be a quicker route to pursue.  This in no way conflicts with the individual State efforts.  If anything, it may cause the States to pick up speed as we continue to get the word out.   

Whenever you are discussing the basis for adoptees having their OBC's, always quote the 14th Amendment. It’s very very clear.- study it – memorize it if you can. This amendment has been responsible for all the civil rights laws passed in the past 125 years. Don't get bogged down with any other issuesOBC’s  is a civil rights issue and a national issue. It will not cost the government or the States any money to implement an Executive Order because the Vital Stat Offices are already distributing birth certificates.  In other words, they will continue to do what they’ve always done – provide original birth certificates to their citizens. It will be an UNFUNDED Mandate.  
The ARA is also available as a 13x19 poster with the same verbiage. If you would like one, e-mail your mailing address to muss102@aol.com   As we post these all over the country, we will be educating many people who are still in the dark about adoption issues. . It is one of the most concise pieces of material for bringing awareness to those who are still in the dark about adoption.  Many still believe that adoptees have access to their information once they become adults. They are usually shocked to learn that they do not!

OUR PRIMARY GOAL IS TO REACH THE EAR OF THE PRESIDENT IN HOPES THAT HE WILL BE WILLING TO ISSUE AN EXECUTIVE ORDER for the ADOPTEES RESTORATION ACT BEFORE HE LEAVES OFFICE.  The best part of an Executive Order is that CONGRESS CANNOT OVERRIDE IT!  When the President decides to issue it, there would be no haggling. All States would have to comply! It would be the most wonderful gift the President could give to the adopted population and their families.  It took an Executive Order by President Eisenhower back in 1957 to desegregate the schools.

There have been hundreds of Executive Orders made by every President of the U.S, but, according to research, President Obama has had the least amount of all. Adoption records have been sealed for over 75 years!  Before he leaves office, let’s do everything we can to encourage him to make the most important Executive Order ever - to provide every adoptee in America with a copy of their OBC!  

I truly believe that if President Obama is presented with our issue that he would endorse the Adoptees’ Restoration Act via an Executive Order!  Having had his own birth certificate problem, I believe he would “get it” if we can just get to him!!! 


1) Everyone taking part in the campaign will send the ARA flyer in a #10 COLOR (any color) envelope.

2)  In the lower left hand corner, handwrite Happy Birthday, Mr. President or President Obama.
3) On the back of the flyer, give the specifics of your birth / adoption – i.e  d/o/b, p/o/b – that you believe it is your civil right to have a copy of your obc and be sure to sign your name and current address.

4) You may want to mention that you are pleased that he has a copy of his certificate and you hope that he will agree to an E.O. in order for you to be able to obtain yours! Remind him that time is always of the essence. You don’t want to find a grave at the end of your search.  Or what if what of his girls had been placed for adoption – does he realize he would never be able to know her under our current laws!

5)  The important thing is to try to keep it brief! Try not to ramble.  The flyer will speak for itself and the personal notes on the back of the flyer coming from all over the country will provide the needed impact.

In the meantime, let’s continue to blanket the country with this simple one-page flyer and/or 13x19 poster that tells our story succinctly. At some point the 100th Monkey Concept/Theory (see Wikipedia) will kick in and we'll be home free!!

After you've had a chance to digest this information, let me know if you’re interested in a leadership position with the ALARM organization. No pay – just great satisfaction. We are on the ground floor. Your comments, suggestions, ideas, etc. are welcomed and encouraged.  We're all in this together!  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  Thanks so much for your interest and participation.  WE WILL OVERCOME!   

Sandy Musser  www.sandymusser.com    P.S. My e-mail address is:  muss102@aol.com   

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